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nicholas_fraser.pngBLISS CLINIC - About Us

BLISS CLINIC found its beginnings in Finland in 1996 when Canadian chiropractor and sports specialist Dr. Fraser Bliss established the former ‘Kirosport Clinc' in Turku. Since then, its clientele, staff and reputation have grown steadily. In 2006, Fraser's son Nicholas Bliss graduated as a chiropractor and joined the clinic team. In 2007 the Clinic expanded its services and moved to new and larger premises in the beautiful Verkahovi building. It changed its name  to ‘BLISS CLINIC' to reflect not only the family surname but also the happy, professional atmosphere which the Clinic engenders.

Unique model of Practice

Since his graduation in Canada in 1983, Fraser has developed a unique model of clinical practice: It combines the skills of the chiropractor with the skills of various physical therapists into one cohesive whole. Patients receive treatment by a team of professionals. As well, at Bliss Clinic there is a healthy integration of both western and eastern methods of treating disease and enhancing health. We are able to look at the person and the problem from many different perspectives and to treat accordingly. Not being limited to one or two treatment methods, we have many tools to do the job and to do it well. This comprehensiveness leads to high patient satisfaction and successful outcomes.

Generally, consultation, physical diagnosis, case management and manipulative treatments are in the hands of the chiropractic doctors while muscle, trigger point and exercise therapies are in the hands of the other therapists. In this way, their skills are best combined to make a "whole which is greater than the sum of the parts". That means we work together effectively to bring about successful results for our clients!

Various other treatments are available, as required, for successful outcome: acupuncture, craniosacral therapy, Active Release Techniques®, yoga therapy, emotional release therapy, mind-calming techniques and nutritional/functional medicine. All are available under one roof  here at BLISS CLINIC. See Treatments.

We also provide our patients with opportunities to learn, to exercise and to become self-reliant.  In-house yoga and Pilates classes are conducted weekly at the Clinic. We also host lectures and information sessions on varying health topics in our lecture hall. Periodically, we host weekend seminars as well at Bliss Haven, our retreat centre in the archipelago. See Bliss Clinic Services.

Professional Healing Oasis

Our local clients, those who travel from greater distances in Finland and those from abroad are relieved to find a truly professional "healing oasis" which is able to solve some of their most frustrating problems of pain and poor health. Our environment supports this: the physical premises are charming and comfortable, the atmosphere is light, positive and professional. This, naturally, encourages healing, which is our goal.

The Verkahovi building is centrally located and very close to all important transportation links via bus, train or highway. See Contact Us.