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Chris_lesstime.jpgYES you can achieve more in less time and have more free time for you.

Instantly experience positive results by applying these three key tips:

  1. Start an hour early and plan your day. Practice mindfullness. This will enhance your effectiveness. They do this at Google. Decide what is most important and make that your prime focus.
  2. DO NOT look at your emails first thing unless it is essential to your work. Set aside a regular time in the morning and afternoon for emails. Attend to what is most important and leave the rest.  
  3. Do one task at a time. Complete it. Pause. Breath deeply. Relax. Then move to the next. Do not multi-task. It will lower your productivity and cause you stress.

Take your life forward by learning more highly effective ways to achieve your goals in less time and with less effort.

Join us at our workshops starting 3 November 6.30pm.

Don't miss out. The last seats are now being sold.

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chris_orange.jpgFinding it is an INSIDE job.

My keys that help my clients start

the work they love within weeks:

... discover what sparks your joy and inspiration.

               Make that your work.

... decide who can most benefit from the value

    you most want to create, and can pay you.

... decide how they will learn about you

               and your value to them.

... connect to them and do the work you love.

At my workshops starting 3 Nov

you will learn, step by step, to discover what inspires you, how to make that your ideal career and have customers come to you.

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chris_yellow2.jpg6 keys to boost your energy:

... fully accept and appreciate yourself ... be grateful for all the good in your life ... walk into the sun. Imagine you are filling yourself with it.

... sleep 8 hours. Go to bed early. Rise early.

... eat fresh foods that are high in nutrition ... exercise.

Join me at my workshops starting 3 Nov

(link to Bliss Clinic workshop program and registration) to take yourself to totally new levels of energy and well being.


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Chris3_250.pngMy steps for stopping stress BEFORE it starts.

Notice what triggers in you a feeling of stress.


Do not give the cause of stress a word or judgement.

Why? Because your words and judgements have an emotion attached that causes you to react in a stressed way.

BREATH DEEPLY. That relaxes you.

Decide if you will respond or not respond and, if you decide to respond, when and how.

At my workshops starting 3.11

I will share more practices to eliminate unwanted stress and lift your well being.

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Christopher Evatt: Inspirational speaker, Personal Development Mentor and Business Philosopher from New Zealand.

Chris3_250.pngSubject: Life Leadership and Empowerment -Tools for Living Your Full Potential. Elämän johtajuustaidot ja voimaantuminen. 

Date: 20 October 2015, 18.00-20.00

Place: Verkahovi Atrium (Talvipuutarha) Verkatehtaankatu 4

First lecture FREE:

  • managing your energy.
  • the power and impact of your thoughts.
  • lift your self-confidence.
  • raise your awareness.
  • access your natural wisdom.
  • and live an empowered life!

Please register early!  -space is limited. Fill in the form for registration. Täytä lomake ilmoittautumista varten.

Secrets of health and emotions written on our faces

Chinese Face Reading skill helps the doctor to assess a patient's past and current health problems (physical and emotional) as well as to quickly understand one's basic character and personality traits. 

Face reading assists in giving timely advice to a patient and gives both parties an insight into why a certain health problem has manifested. Many physical health problems have their basis in negative emotions or negative lifestyle habits, and a person may or may not be consciously aware of the connection between these two. Face reading helps to bridge the gap and offer a logical explanation, which then clears the way for a healthy solution or treatment.


From Face Reading in Chinese Medicine by Lillian Bridges

Highlights from article Iltasanomat, September 3rd: 

Tuukka Kotti was credited during the current European Professional Basketball Championships for his long career with the Finnish National Basketball Team. If the Finnish team continues to the finals, Kotti will soon take over the all-time record for games played with the national team -190, set by former star Joukko Heikkinen.  Kotti's previous leg injuries weakened his performance in the World Championships last year, but the situation completely turned around for the better when he found help from Bliss Clinic in Turku.


Lauri's last season (2014-1015) with Arizona Coyotes got off to an excellent start. 

He underwent intensive "performance-enhancing" treatment in the summer at Bliss Clinic in preparation for pre-season training camp. After finishing his treatments and leaving Finland, his training camp results were dramatically better and, at the age of 28, his personal best! Out of 60 professional hockey players who participated at the camp, he scored in the top 3-5 in ALL CATEGORIES of strength, flexibility, endurance and hockey skills.


Hurrikaani-Loimaa has improved their performance greatly via Bliss Method care! Also the amount of painkillers and visit to the medical doctors have reduced by an astounding 50%. Hurrikaani, the professional volleyball team from Loimaa, has just signed a contract for another season with Bliss Clinic.