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bad-posture.jpgBad Posture

We do specialized work in correcting posture at Bliss Clinic, - that is, stooped or round-shouldered bad posture and minor degrees of scoliosis. Over the years, Dr. Bliss Sr. and Jr. and their team have developed efficient methods to make spines straighter and more flexible. When this is achieved, the whole body feels and functions much better! Clients experience direct satisfaction of greater flexibility, better breathing and often better digestion. Energy and mood levels often improve too which means less fatigue and depressive feelings.

We take correcting posture very seriously in our treatment approaches because the benefits are so profound and because bad posture lies at the base of so many pains and illnesses.  Almost every client experiences some degree of better posture as their particular pain condition is being treated. It is a positive side-effect or "wellness bonus".


Posture can improve regardless of age

 Structural improvements in posture can be achieved almost regardless of age or degenerative conditions which may be present. Examination will tell us how much change can be expected. Naturally, the earlier in age this is done, the faster and greater the extent of improvements. Correcting a pre-adolescent's bad posture clearly has life-long benefits in preventing future illnesses and doctors' bills, although this may not be fully appreciated at the time if pain symptoms are not present. Whereas, improving a middle-ager's or retiree's posture, even slightly, is appreciated fully because one's own mortality is already in view. Any tangible improvement in health resistance and quality of life is welcomed.

sea-birds.pngStructural corrections are made by restoring function to key levels and tissues which affect spinal alignment. These key tissues are part of the joint and soft-tissue systems and are located both near and far from the spine. The soft-tissues include the muscles and connective tissue systems such as fascia.  Even scar tissues from old injuries and surgeries are analysed for their effect on the spine and posture. (An example would be abdominal scars.)

Removing blockages is the key to unlock faulty posture  

The body is analysed for tissue blockages at key levels and in this way the causes of the structural imbalance are determined. Treatments are designed to correct the causes and to normalize the abnormal tissue function. Everyone's pattern of imbalance is different so treatment procedures are individualized accordingly. As treatment progresses and these key-level blockages are freed, the whole postural system starts to normalize spontaneously. Changes can happen quickly, even dramatically. The patient experiences the shift.

Gradually, responsibility for maintaining the corrections is passed over to the patient. Whereas, before the treatment the patient could not maintain good posture themselves, now they can. It is now time for them to take over responsibility. New habits take time to become easy and natural. We support the patient along the way with timely advice and instructions for self-care.

Bliss Method Posture School

We have designed special programs to re-educate posture during and after the treatment process. Our Bliss Clinic Posture School includes instruction in certain elements of Alexander Method, breathing and relaxation techniques, as well as muscle conditioning techniques using elements of yoga, Pilates and classical stretching. We help the body and mind to learn in pleasant and efficient ways how to move and be straight. We don't overload the patients with self-care though -just enough to maintain the corrections and the patient's motivation too. Periodic check-ups are scheduled until the structures stabilize in their new positions. 

Fortunately, the self-care process is much easier than it sounds: because good posture makes you feel good and look good, it is just natural to want to maintain this new way of being. With our methods of treatment at Bliss Clinic, we are able to give our clients the positive experiences of good posture relatively quickly so that they become motivated to help themselves change. Because they feel better, the choice to be straight just becomes easier and easier.