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International Clients

Note: Bliss Clinic's fees are “time-based” for both chiropractors and therapists.

This applies to consultations, examinations and treatments in Bliss Clinic. It also applies to time taken for phone consultations, studying a client’s medical files and writing reports. All are billed according to the following: 

Fees for Drs. F. and N. Bliss:

20 min            140 €
40 min            280 €
60 min            420 €


Fees for other therapists:

Physiotherapy and Trigger Point Therapy

40 min

             80 €

60 min            120 €
Individual exercise plans      from 50 €


Soft Tissue and Visceral Manipulation

(Joni Kemppainen, Physio- and Massage Therapist)  
40 min                                                            120 €
60 min           180 €



*Missed appointments: full fees charged

**Cancelled Appointments:

**Cancellations must be done 1 day prior to the appointment by 15:00 or 3 days ahead in the case of double appointments and new patient times.

Payment of full fees apply otherwise.