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Bliss Method Posture Correction


We have designed specialized ways to re-educate posture during and after the treatment processes. Our Bliss Method of Posture Correction is inherently holistic as it views the body not just as a machine with parts that are either aligned or need alignment, but as an intricate machine which changes its shape in response to information coming from its thoughts, its physical tissues, its internal chemistry and from its emotions. Just as the face is a true reflection of thoughts and feelings and general health of the body, so is our posture a larger reflection of the same. To change posture positively, we must work at different levels in the human being -not only physically, but engaging other faculties as well. Thus we have devised our own specialized ways of correcting faulty posture and improving health potential which we call the "Bliss Method of Posture Correction".

With well over thirty years of clinical experience in chiropractic, acupuncture and sports sciences, and a dedication to learning from top and time-honoured sources, we have studied and been influenced by many diverse systems of medicine, healing and health care -from both the East and the West *. This has enabled us to view the body and its problems from many different perspectives and it has therfore given us many additional tools for innovating and creating effective therapies. Bliss Method Posture Correction is an example of integrating age-old methods and newer ideas into a new working paradigm for correcting faulty posture and its related health problems.

** For a list of systems and schools of thought from where we have integrated our knowledge and experience over a 35 year period, see the appendix at the bottom of this webpage.


SUMMARY of the Bliss Method Posture Correction process:

Patient education takes place during the treatment visits with doctor and therapist. Structural corrections are made using a combination of chiropractic and soft-tissue body-balancing techniques, our own Bliss Method techniques, mind calming and breathing practices as well as postural exercises.

We teach logical and easy methods of self-help, little by little, during the treatment and correction process which usually spans over a few months or longer. It does take time to re-model a spine to healthier alignment and to retrain positive habits which reinforce this corrective process. Older spines, and those with degenerative changes, take longer to re-model, as one would expect. It requires the cooperation and teamwork of both client and professionals. We help the body and mind to learn in pleasant and efficient ways how to move and be straight. We don't overload the patients with self-care though -just enough to maintain the corrections and the patient's motivation too. Periodic check-ups are scheduled in the following year until the structures stabilize in their new positions and new mental habits have been formed.

Fortunately, the self-care process is much easier than it sounds: because good posture makes you feel good and look good, it is just natural to want to maintain this new way of being. With our methods of treatment at Bliss Clinic, we are able to give our clients the positive experiences of good posture relatively quickly so that they become motivated to help themselves change... Because they feel better, the choice to be straight just becomes easier and easier.

(end of "Summary")

Bad posture does not usually occur as an isolated event in one's life...

It is often part of a pattern of health breakdown which starts innocently at first -often asymptomatically- and then gradually worsens to the point when symptoms and other ailments begin to manifest. (listed below) Interestingly, these myriad symptoms,  often improve or clear up completely as the posture improves with the Bliss Method corrective treatments! This demonstrates the vital link between good posture and good health. In fact, our experience shows that: One cannot enjoy optimal health without good posture! Our patients come to understand this principle first-hand.


Common symptoms and health problems related to bad posture:

(from over 30 years of clinical experience)

1.  Musculoskeletal Pain:

  • back and neck pain
  • disc injuries
  • shoulder and hip  pain (including tendonitis/bursitis)
  • headaches and migraines
  • repetitive strain injuries (tennis elbow, carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder impingement) 
  • sports injuries such as runner's / jumper's knee, pulled groin, swimmer's shoulder
  • numbness in arms and legs 
  • degenerative osteoarthritis of the spine, shoulder, hip and knee joints

2.  Functional Internal Problems:

  • constipation and poor digestion
  • heartburn and reflux
  • breathing problems
  • cardiac arrhythmias
  • voice and singing problems
  • thyroid problems 
  • poor complexion
  • fatigue

3.  Self-Esteem, Mind and Mood Problems:

  • depression
  • lack of drive
  • negativity
  • lack of assertiveness
  • problems of outward appearance and cosmetics

We have found that current and traditional methods for fixing bad posture are often insufficient or too demanding for the average person to follow through with. Therefore, they do not enjoy wide appeal. Nor is the well-meaning but glib advice to “Sit up straight!” or “Pull your shoulders back!” or “Suck in your gut! or “Stop slouching! likely to motivate a person who suffers under the stress of poor posture and its related health problems. In the same way, neither are joint manipulation treatments alone enough; nor are muscle stretching and strengthening techniques alone enough.  Posture problems are often complex and multi-causal. They generally require multi-faceted approaches with skilled professionals.

Our Bliss Methods involve education and treatment...

...So one understands:

  • the various causes of their faulty posture
  • what the professional must do to correct it
  • what they need to do to assist in their own treatment and transformation process
  • how they can help themselves -take responsibility- once the corrections are made.


Common causes of bad posture (in our experience):

  • mechanical faults in the body (imbalances / restrictions in muscles, joints and fascia tissues)
  • scar tissue from injuries and surgeries
  • poor ergonomics
  • blocked or negative emotions
  • congestion and weakness in the body's meridian system

We show our clients, on an individual basis, how these different aspects are interrelated and which factors are most important to get under control. Everyone's pattern of dysfunction is unique to them, as is their pattern of symptoms. We give them new and logical understandings about how their bodies and minds work together to create either poor posture or good posture, poor health or good health. And, we reinforce these teachings by giving them tangible experiences of wellbeing as their posture and appearance improve during the course of treatment. Results often come quickly! Not only is there tangible relief from pain and stiffness, but also improvements in flexibility, breathing and energy levels -even improvements in digestion are common during the treatment period.

Patients often describe a new sense of “freedom”, or experience the thrill of feeling younger again; these changes can be dramatic and experienced even during the course of one office visit! Others -friends and family- begin to see the positive changes in their appearance and demeanor. New and positive momentums for change are created. These transformations can be very empowering.

We don't take shortcuts in this self-improvement and healing process. We take the time necessary to inform our clients and also give them good results so that their motivations for changing unhealthy habits to better ones can be engaged. We get them interested in looking after themselves better. We help them to engage those untapped reserves within themselves so they can better  ”rise up to their true height”, or true potential -this is actually our mission with the Bliss Method. When we straighten up people's spines and posture, we also release their potential to live more fully and happily -This is a deep thing. It gives people more options, greater scope.

Look around: How happy, healthy and successful are those people with bad posture? Think about it... How happy, healthy and successful are those with great posture?... Of these two groups,  who have a greater “presence” and better self-esteem? Who get the lucky breaks? Who are likely to live longer and with more quality years of health? At Bliss Clinic, we recognize these simple truths and incorporate these inspirations into our teachings and treatments. Patients see new possibilities for themselves and become motivated by the positive experiences of their treatments. Motivated patients get well and can overcome obstacles.  

So, using these “Bliss Methods”, our broader mission is to help people free their own potentials for happy, healthy and productive living. And, knowing how vital the link of good posture is to freeing up this potential, we direct our energies and skills to create the best possible posture and overall flexibility in the body.

In our approaches to correcting posture, relying solely on professional care is not enough; in the same way, just self-help is not enough either: both need to be combined in an efficient and artful way for good success in the short and long term. The Bliss Method creates this effective synthesis.



List of systems and schools of thought from where Drs. Fraser and Nicholas Bliss have integrated their knowledge and experience over a 35+ year period:

Chiropractic and Osteopathic Medicine, Chiropractic Sports Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, acupuncture, podiatry, Classical Yoga, yoga therapy, Trigger Point Therapies (Travell, Nimmo), Motion Palpation, (Gillet and Faye), Drs. Lewit and Janda, Applied Kinesiology (AK), Active Release Techniques (ART), Myofascial Therapies, Craniosacral Therapy (CST), Integral Psychology (East and West), Shindo, Alexander Method, numerous meditation and mind-calming approaches, Raja Yoga, Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), energy medicine, Qigong, Nogier Auricular (Ear) Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine Face Diagnosis, breathing techniques.