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Lectures and Retreats


 Lectures at Bliss Clinic:

 Apart from running a clinic rendering treatment to our clients, we host lectures and retreats for both our patients and the general public. Our goal is to help people reach their higher potentials - Empowering people through knowledge and practical application.

Lectures are held on premises at Bliss Clinic, in the  space which doubles as our yoga studio; it seats  about 35 persons. Lectures span personal  health themes from physical and dietary health to emotional and spiritual health. Both Fraser and Nicholas lecture, as well as visiting speakers, often from abroad.

Lecture topics have included:

Our methods of treating disc herniations, non-surgically

Treating overuse / repetitive strain injuries,

Treating internal health disorders

Finding Peace of Mind in chaotic times

Making the Mind your friend

Consciousness and Spiritual Wellness

Raja yoga meditation



12.gifRetreats at Bliss Haven:

We also hold day-long or weekend retreats at Bliss Haven, our retreat center a half hour's drive outside of Turku. Located on the seaside, it is an extremely peaceful setting with a stupendous view overlooking the archipelago. The spirits are immediately lifted!  It also accomodates up to 35 persons. 

As one of our foreign lecturers kindly put it:

"As is the name, so is the place". 

Some retreat themes have included:

11.gifSelf-managing Leadership

Happiness: Harmony of Thoughts, Words and Actions

Hatha Yoga Workshops

Self-esteem and practical meditation

Raja Yoga Meditation


Our lectures and retreats are provided as a service, usually at no charge.