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Dr. Fraser Bliss BA, DC, FCCSS (Can)

-Chiropractor and Sports Specialist



Fraser has 8 years university and chiropractic education plus 4 years post-graduate, Chiropractic Sports Medicine Specialty (Queen’s University and Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College) -in total, over 36 years of clinical experience in Canada and in Finland.

He is an expert in myofascial pain syndromes and trigger points (muscle and soft-tissue pain problems) and lectures both nationally and internationally on these topics.

Over the years, he has created new techniques for the treatment of soft-tissues: muscle, fascia and scar tissue. These he also teaches to health professionals.

Fraser has practiced Acupuncture for over 30 years and is continually advancing his studies in  Chinese Medicine both in Finland and abroad. He has sub-specialty training in Chinese Face diagnosis. In the past, he also taught Yoga and meditation techniques. He practices Qigong daily for his own health maintenance.

In his basic training and philosophy, Dr. Fraser is a chiropractor. However, his clinical practice is truly holistic and integrates diverse studies in classical Chinese medicine, qigong, ayurvedic medicine, yoga and sports medicine. (Fraser is known to study a discipline long enough to either “become an expert or to know enough to find an expert”.)

Fraser is an innovator; he is constantly developing new and efficient treatment techniques which are a culmination of his years of clinical experience. He has a natural drive to help people and to find practical solutions.

Drs. Fraser and Nicholas have developed a unique way to correct poor posture called: "Bliss Method Posture Correction". As a "new" treatment strategy, it is gaining rapid attention by both laymen and professions alike.

He has developed a unique “team treatment” approach with physiotherapist and massage therapist colleagues. They work cooperatively and as a cohesive team at Bliss Clinic, each contributing his own specialized skills to the resolution of a patient’s problems. In addition, Bliss Clinic therapists use many of the innovative soft-tissue techniques which Fraser himself has developed over the years.

Fraser’s one big ‘weakness’ is perfectionism. Furthermore, the more difficult and challenging the problem, the more determined he gets!

Proud father of four children as well as grandfather. In his sparetime -and also a part-time profession- he is a nature and maritime photographer... And, he loves lighthouses!

See his lighthouse and seascape photography at

Fraser regularly hosts photography exhibitions in different locales and he is presently preparing a book for publishing entitled: "Lighthouse Adventures!"

Fraser is also a poet at heart...

He publishes some of his poems on a new website:

(Note: Most of this website's photographs have been taken by Fraser.)