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Darude - Ville Virtanen

darude-pic-text.png"My music and disc jockey work involves a lot of sitting in planes and at airports, also a lot of standing in somewhat peculiar stances, reaching out to the equipment and almost continuously also doing some unconscious obscure movements which vaguely resemble dancing. And when I am home between the tours, I can sit for days in my studio making music and staring at the computer screen.

I went to Bliss Clinic to get help for my more or less recurring neck and back pains and also for my "runner's knee" which kept troubling me from time to time. My experience (or rather my old beliefs) about "bonecrunchers" were proven wrong immediately! I got help not only for my symptoms but also for their causes via many kinds of different treatments. Now this was a lot more than just "snapping".

My body got massaged, stretched, warmed up and manipulated in many ways. I was taught how to maintain a better posture, I received good advice concerning working positions. I was given some stretching exercises to do in my own time and other tips of self maintenance. We also discussed my eating habits and other topics of lifestyle,-all in good spirit- and everything was logical and sensible. Most of all, I gained a lot of practical understanding.

No longer a crowbar for a back

My back and neck still start hurting during long tours abroad, but I do recover a lot faster than before. My backbone, especially the part between my shoulder blades, had been cramping for so many years -it was practically a crowbar. That's why my neck was forever getting stuck, too. Now the crowbar is not there anymore: my back bends and turns more flexibly and shoulders are moving the way they are supposed to. Active Release treatment and stretching have also helped my knee problem.

The Bliss Clinic staff is a friendly and professional bunch. They have treated me as a person, and as a whole, it has all been royally tailor-made. One should not expect any miracles to happen, though: even Bliss Clinic hasn't been able to improve my dancing skills."

Ville Virtanen

Composer and musician