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Minna Aalto - 2X Olympic Athlete and Professional Sailing Coach

minna_aalto_flag.jpgI have been active in sports since I was a little girl, and I've participated in competitions since the age of ten.  A variety of back pains had been disturbing my training since I was fifteen, and yet I hadn't found a sustainable relief to my problems.  In the late 90's as I was training for my second Olympic Games, I developed back pains so painful that the thought to stop my athletic career prematurely crossed my mind.  Then, a skilled physiotherapist advised me to contact Dr. Fraser Bliss and said that he might be that person who would make my back behave in the way I wanted it to behave.  I booked an appointment with Fraser, and after a thorough examination and interview he sent me to for lumbar-spine X-rays in order to find out the cause of my problems.

After the initial examination, I started a chiropractic treatment programme and, little by little, I saw results.  Since my back had been causing troubles for 15 years and had been examined and treated by so many different methods, I didn't have high hopes for these treatments.  My only wish was to be able to continue as a full-time athlete for a few more years, until the Sydney Olympic Games.

minna_aalto_boat.jpgThe efficiency and excellent results of the Bliss Clinic treatments took me by very positive surprise and in the last years of my sports career, my back was in better shape I could ever have hoped for.  I did not suffer from structural scoliosis, as a previous X-ray statement had stated; instead, a leg length difference together with intensive sports overuse had created a twist to my back, making the situation look worse than it actually was.  According to Fraser's recommendations, I started wearing a 3 mm heel lift.  Fixing the difference in leg length and receiving good chiropractic treatments straightened my back and enhanced my athletic performance. What a delight it was, to do sports with a painless back!

Fraser also treated many of my other sports-based problems using a variety of methods; for example,  acupuncture proved to be the cure to my persistent plantar fascitis.  After starting treatments with Fraser I no longer needed sports tape, anti-inflammatory medication or ointments to self-medicate my problems.  My posture had also been very poor, especially seated, and I received good corrective treatment and instructions on my posture as well.  I appreciate the analytical and holistic approach Fraser takes to his work, and I also appreciate the cooperation between experts of different fields at his clinic.

I can heartily recommend Dr. Fraser Bliss and all of the skilled personnel at Bliss Clinic to athletes and others alike: to anyone who wishes to get rid of pains and aches in a natural, safe way, in the hands of skilled professionals.  A visit to Bliss Clinic not only helps the body to get well, but brings along a holistic feeling of well-being.  The teamwork of the staff is a combination of different treatment methods and it is holistic improvement of well-being at its best.

Along the years, I have recommended Fraser to my friends and family as well as to athletes I coach and had positive feedback on sending them with their pains and aches to the skilled hands at Bliss Clinic.  I have been working as a professional coach, and the work load with athletics can be very heavy, both physically and emotionally.  I still visit Bliss Clinic on a regular basis, even though my own activity in sports is today at another level than in my professional days.  Long distance flights, car journeys and working on computer causes different problems than those I dealt with in my professional athlete days, but I still find the help I need for holistic well-being at Bliss Clinic.

Minna Aalto